ch1- polly meets a boy called Digory. they find a secert room. they explore and go into digorys house were his uncle gives polly a yellow and she vanished.

ch2- digory and his uncle talk about the rings. digory learns that the yellow ring take them outward and the green one takes them homeword. then digory goes after polly.

ch3- digory is under water and he is rushing upwards an dosen't have to breeth. he gets out of the pool or water and sees trees. he thinks that he can feel the trees growing. he finds polly but they don't remember echother untill they look at the yellow rings and they talk. then they want to explore but polly wants to make sure that the green rings work. so they test it on there pool that takes them home. when there almosthome they take of the green rings and put on the yellow rings.

ch4-they went to another pool and kept the green rings on. they ended up in ruins and they walked around in dim light. they saw another couryard and saw many statues of royal people. they looked wonderful but at the end they found a beautiful statue. then they find a hammer and bell they fight about hitting it or not. polly trys to touch the yellow ring but digory stops her and in the process hit the bell.

ch5-the kids awake a queen. her name is Jadis. she is the last of her kind because she spoke a word that killed everything except the one that spoke it I don't know what the word is but the name was the deplorable word. the place starts to collapse Jadis leeds them to a safe area. she explians why no one from her world is alive except her. she thinks the kids are sent to fetch her from this world to another.

ch6-the kids acciedentally let the queen into the woods beetween the worlds she had a hold of polly hair. she soon lost her powers and streagth in the peacful area. she was not use to a peacful place. she thought she was going to die and begged to take her with them. they said no and put on the green rings and jumped in the pool that took them home. Jadis the queen grabed Digory's ear and she went with them. when they got back at there own world the uncle was amazed at the creture they brought back and was terrified as well. the uncle was called a slave by jadis and had to call a cabby. he got all dressed up and went out with jadis. digory waited until the queen came back. when she got back she was presuded by cops becuse she stole a hansom and jewls.

ch7-jadis took a piece off of a lamp post and used it for a wepon. the childern jump on her and put on the yellow ring. they went to the wood beetween worlds. they brought the cabby and the uncle along. they put on a green ring on and jump into another pool.

ch8 and 9- then they find themselves in a dark area. then they here singing that brought the place to life. a lion was the one singing.the queen throug the lamp post at the lion. it hit him beetween the eyes and did not evea flinch. the queen ran away. then the lion finished singing.

ch10-the lions name is aslan. he calls some animals to speak with.the other animal s go after the uncle. they chase him until he stoped then he fianted. they thought he was a tree. and planted him. digory wants to go speak with the lion. he talks to the lion .

ch11- when he is done he is sorry about letting in the evil. then aslan makes the cabby and his whife king and queen of narnia. aslan gives digory a mission to do.

ch12 and 13-starwberrey truns into a pegalos and flys both kids as far as he can and then lands in a place with plenty of grass and go to bed. in the morning they make it to the green valley and Digory goes and finds a apple tree with beutiful apples. then he sees the queen that ate a apple she told him this is the friut of youth. he ingnores her and goes back to aslan.

ch14-digory plants the apple neer the river and then talks to aslan. then he looks at the place were the apple and a tree was there aslan said that digory can take a apple home to her mom.

ch15-when digory gives her mom the apple to her mom she feels better. they move to a new home. then they made a wardrobe out of a magical tree. which goes to a magic place.